You will find in this project some mapping files to make MIDI2LR works with:

  1. TouchOSC
  2. Midi Fighter Twister

On my Photography Website, you will find some help for MIDI2LR and TouchOSC.

If you find some improvements to do, or would like to contribute a new mapping, please open an issue or send me a PR!



Note: all mappings have been moved to the MIDI2LR project directly. When you download MIDI2LR, there is a folder for all controller settings and you’ll find a README plus some screenshots to show you how to setup TouchOSC with MIDI2LR

Sources: https://github.com/rsjaffe/MIDI2LR/tree/master/Source/LRPlugin/Controller_Settings/TouchOSC/Mathieu%20Carbou


Here are some screenshots (not up to date) showing the virtual MIDI Controller that you will get on your tablet / phone.

Page 1: Basic


Page 2: Tone Curve / Black and White Mix

Tone Curve / Black and White Mix

Page 3: HSL


Page 4: Split Toning / Details

Split Toning / Details

Page 5: Lense Correction

Lense Correction

Page 6: Transform / Effects

Transform / Effects

Page 7: Camera Calibration / Crop

Camera Calibration / Crop

Page 8: Local Adjustements

Local Adjustements

Common Controls

Every page has a footer with common controls for:


  1. I do not use encoders: faders are more precise and usable on phones and tablets, but take more space and lead to a worse UI. Encoders are beautiful, but harder to use quickly.

  2. On some devices, you might require the use of a stylus pen!

Midi Fighter Twister

Coming soon!