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You will find in this project some mapping files to make MIDI2LR works with:

  1. TouchOSC
  2. Midi Fighter Twister

On my Photography Website, you will find some help for MIDI2LR and TouchOSC.

If you find some improvements to do, or would like to contribute a new mapping, please open an issue or send me a PR!



Note: all mappings have been moved to the MIDI2LR project directly. When you download MIDI2LR, there is a folder for all controller settings and you’ll find a README plus some screenshots to show you how to setup TouchOSC with MIDI2LR



Here are some screenshots (not up to date) showing the virtual MIDI Controller that you will get on your tablet / phone.

Page 1: Basic


Page 2: Tone Curve / Black and White Mix

Tone Curve / Black and White Mix

Page 3: HSL


Page 4: Split Toning / Details

Split Toning / Details

Page 5: Lense Correction

Lense Correction

Page 6: Transform / Effects

Transform / Effects

Page 7: Camera Calibration / Crop

Camera Calibration / Crop

Page 8: Local Adjustements

Local Adjustements

Common Controls

Every page has a footer with common controls for:


  1. I do not use encoders: faders are more precise and usable on phones and tablets, but take more space and lead to a worse UI. Encoders are beautiful, but harder to use quickly.

  2. On some devices, you might require the use of a stylus pen!

Midi Fighter Twister

Coming soon!